Analytics helps enhance the service you provide with fact based data and real time tools to simplify building commissioning and grow your business.

With our tools, your job becomes easier:

PointGuard Analytics provides expertise and tools that help you bring a smarter, better service to your clients.

Solve the Constraints of Time and Skill

The time and talent it takes to fully utilize Analytics belongs with an independent specialist like us, rather than inside real estate organizations or building contractors. We support your team regardless of changes in personnel or activity load.


White Label Our Service

Utilize our platform as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for your clients and tenants. Generate new business with clients that expect 21st century technology and new ideas from their service provider.


Retrofit Identification

Analytics can identify and recommend needed retrofit projects in your portfolio. Then, our platform can automatically measure and verify the savings impact from these projects on each building.


Warranty Maximization

Fully leverage the warranty-phase promise from your contractor or OEM. The old manual method of commissioning can be expensive and leave money on the table. Our transparent and unbiased platform sees everything that is not performing to spec to allow your contractor to remedy the issue while under warranty.


Focused Reporting

Clear relevant reporting that can be shared with occupants, owners, management, and investors. You can see the benefits of analytics and take action.
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Based on Proven Software

Our Platform is built on a complex and powerful software, SkySpark™ by SkyFoundry. We simplify SkySpark for you and maximize the value of your BMS with no additional equipment. You can avoid costly training and loss of personnel expertise with PointGuard in your corner.


Scalable and Secure

Our software can talk to any building in the world, using corporate grade security protocols. Our suite of Analytics service options can link to all types of technology and work with any budget.