Analytics allows for focused asset life and comfort maximization in hospitality.

Minimize Comfort Complaints

Our Analytics empowers you to ensure each building's HVAC equipment delivers the comfort your occupants expect. With our service, temperature complaints will decrease, and productivity and tenant renewals will increase.


Asset Life Extension

Focus maintenance decisions on what will increase ROI and extend asset life. Our comprehensive, customizable algorithms eliminate false positives and ensure your mechanical assets exceed their useful lives.


Easy Sustainability Reporting

With automated ENERGY STAR and energy consumption analytics, share your building or portfolio benchmarking with occupants, owners, management, and investors, while simplifying mandated compliance reporting.


No Bias, Just Focus

We offer focused, unbiased Analytics. We have nothing to sell or to hide; just to provide you with unbiased, actionable intelligence and transparency for how your portfolio is performing. Building Analytics is what we do, and we do it well.


Capital Budget Analytics

Using our Platform, know your exact equipment health, usage and potential required expenditures. We review your capital plans against what the data reveals to protect your investment with data, not guess work.


Site Specific Agility, No False Positives

We work with your team to customize our algorithm engine to site specific needs. The result allows for no false positives and no wasted time.

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Scalable and Secure

Our software can talk to any building in the world, using corporate grade security protocols. Our suite of Analytics service options can link to all types of technology and work with any budget.